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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No-sew day and knocked for a loop

My post is going out a little later today, I usually set it up the night before but I didn't do it last night. 

My neighbor two doors down has really pretty grass in his front yard - he swears by Pennington - so Friday I talked with him about planting the same grass in my front yard.

Yesterday he was out there bright and early!  I didn't even look out my front door til around 10 am and he'd already been at work for hours digging up every bit of the old grass and weeds, and he'd trimmed back my azalea bushes and the glads.  Although it was rather chilly (to me) he was barefoot, in his undershirt and some baggy shorts - scary! 

I was supposed to take him to Home Depot to get the grass seed and some mulch but I'd just taken a dose of Benadryl - the bottle said 2-4 tsp for an adult, I took 4 tsp - and it was knocking me for a loop!  Whoa!  I told him we'd have to go around 3 o'clock.  I went upstairs and lay down and I tell you I slept til 2 o'clock!  I don't think I'll do that again...

To help take away the scary vision of Walter in his baggy shorts, I'll share a few more pictures from the Faithful Circle quilt show. 

I believe there was a flamingo challenge because there were several flamingo-themed quilts in the show.  Some were made with traditional blocks, some were children's quilts... this one really grabbed my attention for some reason.  Could it be that gorgeous pieced background?  It really adds interest to the quilt!

The two quilts below are cute ... well, the monkeys in the tree are cute but the civil-war themed quilt is attention-grabbing!  I like pictorial quilts, although I don't have a finished one - still haven't finished my Story of Christmas quilt that I dismantled two years ago!

And last but not least, there was this beautiful teapot quilt!

See that beautiful closeup!  The tea pouring out of the pot was made with glass beads on each of the panels.  This is definitely a winner, I'll have to put a teapot quilt on my to-do list.  Gwen in my Wee Bee group would love this one because she does such beautiful bead work!

Well, that's it for now, sew forth and sew on til later; what will you do with your Tuesday?  I might even get some sewing done today...


  1. Yes, a bit scary scene for the morning. Oh, careful with the Benedryl - I take 1/2 tsp and I am gone.

  2. Yep, Benadryl knocks me flat out, too. And packs one heckova hangover... Takes at least a day to get over the stuff.


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