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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Foto-finish Saturday - red

First I want to wish all the May for Me Bingo players lots of luck as you fill out your Bingo quilts!  I like bingo but I never win, though.

Barbara at Cat Patches chose the color red for today's foto-finish topic.  I've always liked red, and I always like the strawberries I get from Costco!  I had a few left in the fridge, so I snapped a picture before I finished them off, by now they're long gone - time to get some more! 

Why is it my reds don't look truly red when I take a picture? 

Years ago I used to look forward to strawberry season at Butler's Orchards at the end of May; then I'd go pick oodles and oodles of strawberries to make jam!  As time went on I didn't like all that stooping, bending, or moving about on my knees that you have to go through to pick the berries, so I would wait for blackberry season the end of July, because they grow on bushes -- not hard on the knees or back, plus they pick faster.  Because of the unusually warm weather we've had lately, I understand Butler's strawberries will be ready early, maybe in a couple weeks.  Maybe I'll do apples this year.

I believe Barbara's weekly themes are always interesting because you never know how the theme will be interpreted. Go visit her blog at Cat Patches, where you'll see other foto finish links.

Sew forth and sew on, have a great Saturday!


  1. Yeah, my bingo card is looking rather bare. Some of the stuff they called was what I had but in different rows. Well, it'll maks a nice little doll quilt.

  2. The strawberries look yummy!

    The color cast in your photo may be the light. Most room lighting has a yellow cast to it, which would make the reds look a bit orange. Or it could be your camera. Some cameras don't handle certain wavelengths of light real well. A program like Photoshop Elements and some scrapbooking software has functions that will allow you to remove a color cast.

  3. Red is one of the hardest colors to photograph clearly. It usually looks out of focus. I have never gotten a good photo of my all red quilt.

  4. Yum, yum, yum. We're still waiting for our Oregon strawberries. Shouldn't be too much longer.


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