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Friday, November 2, 2018

Slowly getting there

Three things to be happy about:
(1) a new sweatshirt
(2) colorful paper clips
(3) an accomplishment - any accomplishment

As I'm writing this the gutter people(?) are installing a new rain gutter at the back of my house, such a relief!  Been waiting a lonnng time; it had to be when it wasn't raining and, as you know, there's been a LOT of rain lately!

Can these cute little geese fly?

I created these in my EQ library, and I can print foundations for any width, any height.  Any time!

And there they are, at the top of the drummer!  I sewed them with their crooked little noses pointing toward the center

It's been slow going, getting these settings together because I have so many ideas that keep flying into my head.  The fabrics you see are not necessarily the final pieces, they're just added to stir my creativity.

The blocks will be set in three horizontal rows; I'll take the tallest block in each row, add a sashing or whatever to the top or bottom, then make the other blocks on that row the same height.

Sounds good in theory, right?  Sew forth and sew on til later!

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  1. Oh, I love those geese - they look like they're dancing too!


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