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Saturday, March 5, 2016

More quilt show goodness

I have more quilts to show from the Hampton show; there were so many impressive quilts that I had to pick and choose!

First, a teaser!  There were a lot of fun quilts at the show this year...

Can you read this pictogram??

Gayle at Mangofeet commented that the pillow quilt I shared yesterday would be hard to walk away from, but this one was sheer genius!

This was a single quilt viewed from the left...

... and straight on!

There was a third view from the right, but as you can guess it was such a popular display that it was nearly impossible to get a good shot.

Nice lady...

What can I say but "Love it!"

Just look at that scalloped border...

I liked these birds!

These birds are definitely on my to-make list

Lynne over at Patchery Menagerie has a free tutorial on how she makes hers, find it here.

Modern is as modern does...

and so are pictorials...

three more that caught my attention...

Did you solve the puzzle??  (You can never have too much love, money, or chocolate)

That's it for now, I'd have taken more but my camera battery was exhausted!  Almost makes me miss loading up those AA batteries when I had the old camera.  Almost.  Sew forth and sew on til later!

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  1. That show was full of fabulous things! The illusion quilt and the applique quilt are definite highlights that I wish I could see in person. (I do love to stare closely at gorgeous quilts!)
    I highly recommend playing with those birds. I made a few a while back, and plan to make more - lots and lots of fun!


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