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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sewing and sharing at the bee

Three things to be happy about:
(1) The smell of bacon cooking
(2) new uses for old stuff
(3) inspiration

Hello again everybody!  We had our monthly bee meeting yesterday - our numbers were cut by half because of vacations and other things, but we were at full strength!

First I wanted to show you this bowl-o-fabric that CC had, because it gave more than one person a chuckle.  At first glance we thought she had a bowl of something delicious to eat, and Felicia was like "Hey CC, you gonna share some of that with the rest of us??"

CC had wet her fabric strips to make them easier to press, so funny!

As usual it was great getting together with fellow bee members - lots of sewing and pressing...

cutting and measuring...

and of course, show and tell!  The first three shots are 2015 challenge quilts...

I would have liked to get shots of all the challenge quilts, as I was out of town at the unveiling last month.

And even more great quilts...

Charlene is teaching the one immediately above to her class at the senior center.  They were concerned about the lack of fabric, so she told them to bring in what they could get their hands on - clothing, sheets, anything that had good cotton content.  Beautiful results!

That's it for now; have a great Sunday, enjoy your day - sew forth and sew on!

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  1. Fabric food ! What a stitch. ... and great show and tell too.


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