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Thursday, July 10, 2014


A thing to be happy about:
(1) getting started

The contractors got started on my sewing room Tuesday, and they should finish up soon.

This is Will, he takes pictures of every job he does while it's in progress.

I took a few shots, I think some of his were more detailed than mine.

While they were working upstairs, I was downstairs working on taming my scraps!  I had intended to sort and fold yardage but I didn't want to haul those bins and partial bins downstairs.

Bags and boxes of scraps were easier and more portable.

This is the problem that has to be repaired in my sewing room:
That vertical crack between the brick and drywall has to be fixed before it gets worse.  If I stood just right and squinted, I could actually see daylight through that crack!

Measuring, opening the wall...

They had to open it up to make sure of what was going on.  

Meanwhile, I was busy pressing...

and cutting large scraps into usable sizes!

That's progress!  Sew forth and sew on til later...


  1. Oooh...that crack would be a real "energy leak" with heating and cooling. I am glad you are getting it fixed.

  2. I'll bet you will be glad to have that fixed ... and the room gets a re-do in the process.


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