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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wonderland cometh!

Three things to be happy about:
(1) a giant tote bag
(2) Gloria Vanderbilt jeans (cuz they fit me!)
(3) first snow of the season

Yesterday didn't turn out bad for me at all!  I had a medical appointment for 3 pm, and by the time I got out and moving (earlier than I normally would have) I only had to deal with wet roads, which are a breeze.  I used the extra half hour looking at 2014 calendars at Barnes and Noble ... didn't see anything I wanted to pay $14.99 for!  I'm partial to calendars based on Black artists and designers - Annie Lee is my all-time favorite but B&N doesn't carry them.

As I'm typing this we do have snow that started as large flake and are getting smaller ... the NBC news people are sounding disappointed that we aren't already getting a walloping, they've resorted to telling people how to measure the snow - "not on the grass, but on a hard surface."  Sheesh!

Schools, local government and Federal government offices are closed ... ahh, the good ole working days - how I don't miss em!

About my quilt... I have to make more of the border strips for my quilt, but sometimes you want instant gratification, shoot!

A few months ago (how time flies!) I bought the Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam dies from Accuquilt and I started fooling around with them...

They're gonna turn out right cute, I need to use brighter colors though.

This will be for my sister's youngest granddaughter, who has a twin brother.

I'm thinking of alternating Sue blocks with stars or even a nine patch, not getting too fussy because I want to finish their quilts before they graduate high school!  Right now they just turned 4, but I do tend to procrastinate a bit!

Lately I've been having a very hard time getting my pictures from my camera disc, it doesn't want to read for some reason.  I know it's a disc problem because I used an old one in the drive and it reads fine.  AND I bought a new disc, I know it's someplace on my desk but I can't find it... it's almost like looking for Waldo!  If necessary I'll go buy a new one, they don't cost that much anymore.

That's it for now, sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. Now that's REAL news....being told how to measure snowfall. HA! What's up with the news anymore? A station here broadcasts "news" from 0430 - 1000 hrs every day! But is any of it really news? No, say I. What it is, is stupid stuff with no redeeming value, no intellectual content, and nothing newsworthy at all. I think the old "off air" target & snow patterns from the 50's & 60's could easily substitute for today's "news". Enough ranting. Love your Sue's.

  2. Now that little bit of snow closes you down and it is just a shrug of the shoulders for us. We had a little more than you, but it cleared by noon. I guess we are in for dustings everyday for the rest of the week - good sewing time, if I had a machine. Love the Sunbonnet Sues and I am sure you will get them done before she graduates.

  3. Now, why would anyone want to measure that piddly amount of snow? If you buy a new one, the old one will show up without any looking, and you can spend time on those kid quilts.


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