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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Third anniversary!

Three things to be happy about:
(1) clouds of snowflakes
(2) sunny skies, no clouds
(3) reaching a milestone

Hello everybody - I've reached another milestone!

I had totally forgotten that this is my blog-a-versary month - in fact today is my third anniversary!  How time flies when you're having fun - actually, it flies whether you're having fun or not...

I started my blog by showing you this quilt from my guild's 2010 challenge - "Beautiful African Ladies":

I named it "The No. 1 Ladies' Quilting Society" after the popular HBO show "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" starring Jill Scott.  I still love this quilt and it has a more-or-less permanent place on the wall in my den/computer room where I can look at it every day.

Over the years (do I sound like an ancient??) I've shared a lot of  projects with you that I've worked on, started, stopped, abandoned, tested, tried, completed ...  and I look forward to showing even more!  I've seen new blogs come on board, some blogs retired, and current blogs updated with new banners or background pictures.  I've seen sew-alongs, blog hops, blocks of the month, mystery quilts - are you doing Bonnie's Celtic Solstice mystery?

All in all, I've enjoyed my time as a blogger and I've enjoyed getting to meet other bloggers through their posts, email, and a few in real life also.  I look forward to our continued relationship, thanks for being a constant visitor to my blog, and for being a follower!!

Stay warm, enjoy your Small Business Saturday, sew forth and sew on...


  1. Happy blogiversary. I've read all the No. 1 Ladies books but we don't get HBO, so I've missed the shows. The quilt is gorgeous.

  2. Happy Blogiversary!! You are right, time flies whether we are having fun or not! I can't believe there is only one month left of this year.

  3. Happy Blogiversary - it has been a fun ride!

  4. Congratulations on three years blogging! And thanks for sharingyour life and your quilting with us.

  5. Happy Blogiversary to you, Linda. You're right...time DOES fly whether we're having fun or not. I look forward to reading your blog daily (or whenever you post).
    OMG...I just read the comments and it looks like I copied Wanda (Exuberant Color) but I didn't. Honest. :)

  6. YEA, for 3 years! Celebrate and enjoy whatever makes you smile. I am making Bonnie's Mystery. I'm curious what colors your's will be made with? I presume you are making it, too. I got Part 1 finished Saturday, I cut the parts out on Friday. Ready for Link-up on Monday and Next clue on Friday.

  7. Hi Linda, i am glad you have "hung in there" -and I hope you continue to do so. Happy Blogiversary.


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