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Saturday, November 9, 2013

One of these is not like the other...

Three things to be happy about:
(1) soapy dish water
(2) a lovely sunrise
(3) artisanal hand soap

I like the soaps you get from Bath & Body Works, but Ive also become a fan of "Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day" soap, especially the one named "Christmas" (I think).  Last year about this time I found some at Target, and I liked it so much because it had such a fresh pine-y smell. I'll be keeping my eye open for it; I went to Target yesterday and found some named "Parsley" that I like, but I really want some more of the Christmas scent!

As much as I've been working with the strings, I haven't anything "new" to show ... one page of strips looks suspiciously like another, like another, like another.  But I did come up out of the string box and work on something else for awhile that I think will be fun...

Anybody subscribe to the Quilt Pro block of the day?  You get a block every day for the current year; after that I think they charge for the collection.  Anyway, I had been collecting the blocks that interested me and hadn't done anything with them so I figured - why not!

Here are some I've done:

They'r all paper pieced and they'll finish at 4 inches, a cute size for a small wall hanging.  I think the three blocks with multiple pieces are more attractive than the apple, so I'll probably stick with those.

It looks like a beautiful day outside, I'm still in my jammies with my cuppa although I did catch part of Love of Quilting when I climbed from neath the covers.  Marianne was working on a quilt of valor project today -  
pretty block, and it should go together quickly because the blocks are so humongous!

That's it for now ... tomorrow I go to visit with my sister for a few days, she needs some decompression time about now.  Have a great day, sew forth and sew on til Wednesday or Thursday...

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