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Monday, January 6, 2014

I knew I could do it...

Three things to be happy about:
(1) hanging new calendars
(2) refilling your mechanical pencil
(3) finding a workable solution

I'm really having an interesting time with the 10th anniversary blocks for my bee's block exchange!  I keep having ideas pop into my head, but I figure I better get what I've already prepped onto fabric so I don't get bogged down in the details.  April will be here before I know it!

I like this little hat lady, I think she's so chic!  I'm making her in different color ways so no two people will have exactly the same block in their collection.  I don't know about my fellow bee members, but I don't want a quilt that looks exactly like everybody else's.  I think that's what they call a "kit."  Just saying...

Somehow I only managed to get just this one done yesterday, other things got in the way of my quilting fun.  The pieces are fused down but not stitched, little bits of fusible around the edges worked just fine.  I don't like the way I placed the number but it'll have to stay put, that baby is FUSED!

I'd been having HUGE problems downloading my photos because the PC would only read the memory card sporadically, if at all.  I used the USB cable that came with the camera, but for some reason it gobbled up the camera's batteries - honestly, I put 2 fresh batteries in that camera and it drained them dry!

Saturday I went to Wheaton Plaza for something and I found the perfection solution at Radio Shack - a USB digital card reader!  I just insert my memory card into the little gadget and it works like a charm.

Gee it feels great to solve a problem!

More later, sew forth and sew on til then...


  1. I love the lady in the hat block - I don't like to have the same quilt 200 others have either - yes, a kit!

  2. I have never made the same block for all the blocks in a swap - my reasoning is the same as yours. (And I don't buy kits for the same reason. hehehee)

  3. I have to change up the patterns when I make a quilt too, I haven't made too many Cookie Cutter Quilts. I haven't bought many KITS either, I like to choose my own fabrics. Thanks for putting me on your Blog Roll!

  4. No kits here either. Who wants instructions on making something creative?


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