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Monday, July 2, 2012

cutting it up

Three things to be happy about:
(1) swimming all day
(2) fresh berries for pies
(3) beach towels drying in the sun

Well, it's been so hot hot hot, I wish I could swim all day like these good folks:
This picture is from Atlantic City, I have no idea when it was taken but it looks rather dated.  But still...

The storm Friday night wiped out a lot of people but we didn't lose electricity in my immediate area.  Still, it's been too hot to sew because my sewing room is upstairs at the back of my house, and the AC back there isn't working - just blows out regular air, yuck!  Time to get another one, duh!

But I did cut some African fabrics to make the slashed 9-patch I tried out last week, I think it's a winner.  And I just remembered to dig out those great scraps I got last August from the dressmaker!  There were some prime pieces in that group.

I intend to make a throw size quilt, so I estimate I'll need a 4x5 arrangement of 9-patches, maybe 180 squares of African fabrics.  Then there's the 2" white strips I'll used in the slashes, a different number for each block. 

That's what I'm up to today, if I can ride out this heat wave I'll be a happy camper.

Be sure and visit all the blogs on the Red White and Blue blog hop, there are some pretty blocks on parade!  Here's the pinterest link:

Have a great Monday, sew forth and sew on


  1. Good morning! Monday marks seven new days for creative opportunity. You lucked out on the electricity. My friend in Fredricksburg was without it for a while.

    Hope you get that SC fixed. hugs!

  2. That pile of squares is going to make a great quilt. I think we are going to get a break from the heat starting tomorrow - but we have not been as hot as other areas.

  3. Since I leave only several blocks from you we were lucky to still have power when just a few blocks away they do not. Looking froward to seeing you finish this slash quilt, I need to do something like that. I will be posting my RW&B block July 8th.

  4. Linda,
    Is there any kind of a pattern out there for the Slashed 9-Patch. I need to make one for my oldest step-son and his wife. I have a picture of the one we saw that they liked but don't quite know how to do it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Daisy



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