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Monday, August 20, 2012

Three happy things and a giveaway!

Three things to be happy about:
(1) laughing over old pictures
(2) sweet potato fries
(3) sharing your good fortune

Hi everybody, especially my followers!

A couple weeks ago when I went blackberry picking with Charlene, Renea and Pat, I also picked a container for my neighbors across the street.  Matt and Rachel are very nice, and they have a little munchkin named Isaiah who's cute as a bug!  Anyway, Matt has shares in a farm "down in the country" with a buddy, and when I gave them the blackberries they handed me some corn on the cob and a tomato.  Well, I'm not usually a corn eater but my sister told me how she fries hers; I tried it and it was  delicious - I think I'm a convert!  A few days later Matt came over with two slices of super-delicious watermelon.  A few days after that, he brought me a whole melon - my cup runneth over!

Last week I was given an entire box of sweet potatoes - now that's a lot of taters!  I took lots and lots of them to guild meeting on Saturday and shared with the members ... I was glad to see they were all taken, I can just smell sweet potato pies!  Sweet potato souffle with marshmallows on top - yummy!  Anybody ever had sweet potato cake?  I think it's made the same as carrot cake; I used to find them at Costco in October-November... but I digress.

And now for the giveaway, thanks for being patient!

I have a 2-1/2 yard piece of Daisy Kingdom fabric in my stash that's cute as can be, but I know the only way I'd probably ever use it would be as a backing. 

It's called "Tea Party" and seems to be one of those sweet over-printed designs that have the outline of the teapots shifted just slightly from the colors ... is that what over-printing is??   Anyway, the teapots are blocked out in very light blue squares as if they're meant to be cut apart.  There's even a shelf to perch them on!  Sorry, no cups  :o)

This can be yours if you like fussy cutting!

On almost all of my posts I list three happy things ... they're hardly ever related to me or to each other, just random things to be happy about!  All you have to do to win is:

(1) leave me a message listing three things to be happy about - they don't need an explanation, they can just be one-liners; and
(2) announce the giveaway on your blog (if you have one)

That's it, no other requirement!  I'll pick a winner and post it by 9 am on Saturday the 25th, good luck!  I usually post by 5 am but hey, sometimes this retired lady likes to sleep in!  ;o)

Sew forth and sew on, have a great Monday!


  1. Oh I would love this fabric! three things: 1. Well, I love sweet potato fries 2. Crisp morning air 3. A phone conversation with my 5 yr. old grandson

  2. cute fabric..love it. 1.being here; 2.my grandchildren;3 so many great friends...home and blogland

  3. I love Sweet Potato Fries too, but that was yours.

    1. A full cup of coffee steaming on my desk
    2. Sweet comments on my quilting projects.
    3. Dark Chocolate covered acai berries.

    hmmmm..seems my "mouth" controls my happiness - so I should make sure it smiles today!

  4. I added the info on the giveaway at the bottom of yesterday's blog post http://blog.geneblack.com/2012/08/men-and-quilting.html

  5. 1. Family
    2. Friendship
    3. Quilt books to browse

  6. Three things to be thankful for:
    1) time spent with grandchildren
    2) big goofy dogs
    3) the sound of rain on our tin roof

  7. 1. the sun is shining
    2. my son has got his place at the uni he wanted
    3. my daughter has her first job at last!

  8. My BFF is a tea cup and tea pot collector. I see a quilt of some sort for her new home.

  9. I always enjoy reading your list of 3 happy things. My list today: 1. home from a wonderful vacation with family 2. a closet cleaned out today 3. my kitty cat.
    I'd enjoy your piece of fabric. I rarely buy theme fabric so it would be a treat to use. Thanks!

  10. 3 things-it is still summer, grandchildren and vacations.

  11. Daughters- 2&9
    Chai tea latte
    Shuttermom77 at gmail dot com

  12. Three of my most favorite things:

    1. the smell of freshly cut grass
    2. Spring rain
    3. Puppy breath

    I'm just a simple gal who loves tea pots as well.


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